I've lived in France since late summer of 2015, my spoken French is still basic, I am currently trying to learn, it's a slow process for me dyslexia seems to play a part in that! My partner Tom is bilingual; he came to France when he was 4 with his parents.

We have a 7-year-old rescue dog called Ruby, and foundling kitten called Barney - they get on so well! 

I've lived in Essex, Norfolk, South London, West Oxfordshire and now West Normandy.

I have been interested in the creative arts, drawing painting, and photography, I did a BA(hons) in Visual Studies (Mixed-media fine arts). This is where I focussed my career initially. Somewhere along the line, I trained as a teacher and did my Masters in Computer Arts, through graphic design I end working in web development.

I've always had a mixed bag of interests, mostly it revolves around creativity, people, and communications! ...ideally outside in nature...

I love walking - having our dog is the best excuse! I enjoy yoga, qiqong, I've been known to do some jogging - though I'd rather be on a bike, I must confess since living in the rolling hills of the Suisse Normand ... I've not felt too eager!

I've always wanted my own garden, since moving to France we've got a 1200 square metres of it!  We've spent the first 3 years in management mode, just keeping back the brambles and keeping the 'lawn' looking like one, not a pasture field!

We're currently doing renovations works on one part of the house, which will double our living space! We intend to get some veggies growing soon!