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2021 classes Every Wednesday at 10:30* (CET)

These classes will support you to feel more revitalised, calmed, and grounded. Helping shift aches and pains, settle the mind and focus the spirit.

🔸 Class content: Blending techniques from self-shiatsu ~ this includes acupressure points, do-in style self massage that helps stimulate and tonify your meridians, you'll also be introduced to the Makko-Ho meridian stretches. 

We bring attention with a gentle kind approach, easing you into your midweek flow.

You will be guided through some mindful breathing techniques, Qi qong movements, and some yoga asanas.

🔸 Rest, rejuvenate, and ultimately supporting you to rock on with the rest of your week (month & Year!) with a lighter brighter vibe.

🔸 When: Every Wednesday, please check the sign up page - times can vary.

🔸 Cost: The suggested fee is 10€. Please pay what you feel you can afford. 

🔸 How: Please send me a message via my contact form or conact me on Facebook

🔸 Where: In your home! using Zoom an online tool, you can use it your browser, or download the app to your computer or mobile device. You are welcome to switch off your camera, but it is nice to see peoples faces even for a brief hello - I will mute all microphones once the class starts.

🔸 You will need:
🔹 1 hour to dedicate to your wellness
🔹 A Computer/device connected to the internet
🔹 A bit of floor space, ideally in a room where you will be able to focus
🔹 Comfy clothing
🔹 A yoga mat or a rug will do
🔹 A blanket, and extra layers
🔹 Some cushions for support
🔹 A drink on hand

See you there :)

* Occasionally the time alters dependant on commitments - I give plenty of notice.
If you have paid for a class and were not able to attend, or the class had to be rescheduled I will honour your payment ~ you can attend another class.

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