Why Self-Shiatsu?

Having to socially isolate is difficult, we’re all missing the group aspect of your favourite activity; be it just a face to face chin wag to advanced scuba diving! This is having a profound effect on us all, we are social by nature. Add on to that the rapid fire of social media and draw of doom scrolling has for us all - we need to find a way back to ourselves.


To find a way to bring a balance to our body and soul, to listen to ourselves, give time for some self-care and to de-stress! The session I have put together is based on the shiatsu technique, does just that….

What is Self-Shiatsu?

Shiatsu is a set of Japanese massage techniques fundamentally an energy-based bodywork. Built on the principle foundations of Chinese Traditional Medicine. Read more about Shiatsu

I offer a one hour session with a small group of like minded souls, using Shiatsu inspired techniques.

I will guide you through some gentle stretching, balances, and self massage techniques - indicating useful acupressure points; which will help manage anxiety, stress levels and help invite a general sense of wellbeing.

These movements and postures are a blend of yoga, qigong and tai chi - to help shift and settle the energy where needed. This can be done as gentle or as vigorously as you desire - being mindful of what your body needs.

Basic mindfulness awareness techniques will be introduced to enable a deeper sense of grounding. Looking after number one is a priority, there is only one unique utterly fabulous you, and you matter.

There is no right shape to make, or breathing pattern to master, only listening to your body! I will offer alternatives movements and postures ~ you are encouraged to work at your own pace - join me every Wednesday via Zoom to try for yourself.