“The role of healing is to make whole, and that means changing the relationship between our sense of personal identity and the greater stream of consciousness. 

To be healed, we do not have to be Bodhisattvas, those Beings that buddhist tradition described as having attained enlightenment, but choose to stay on the wheel of rebirth in order to help others. 

Healing is a gradual process which at times may bring about an insight, or acceptance of something in our life, that allows us to see a wider view, and ‘move on’ a little. 

It is like being outside in the dark, looking at the closed curtains of a house. A curtain is slightly drawn back and we see light from the house shining out towards us; then we notice that the curtain has been drawn over a mirror, and not a window. The light comes from us. 

When this happens, awareness of that chink of light remains, and strenghens us to face whatever may lie ahead.”


When quoted
Simon Fall