"... to appreciate what has been given to us, and to take care of our body, is an act of humility ... to be sensitive is to be alive.

People have all kinds of misconceptions about yoga. One must not think that the exercises are going to give us a higher perspective in a mystical or spiritual direction. They are simply refreshing the body, like a shower, cleansing us from the dirt and impurities accumulated during the day. It is like tuning an instrument before playing it. The movements are healthy and we receive physical advantages from doing them.

...Yoga has nothing to do with with acrobatics or spectacular exhibitionism, even though some poses rather look like it. Students are sometimes inclined to force the flexibility of their bodies to the maximum, but this leads nowhere.

Yoga goes much deeper. Sometimes unexpected things happen that cannot be easily explained, like healings, bursts of of crying, and other similar discharges of pressure. When tensions leave, the body goes back to its original state, and balance is re-established.

The body will always discover a way to overcome the difficulties that are an impediment to its existence. To live is one of the greatest miracles."


When quoted
Vanda Scaravelli