" The Chinese feel we should follow the season. Winter is the time to guard our reserves by staying warm, eating well and using the shortened days to draw deeper inside and to contemplate the mysteries of life. Winter is the element of water that gives us our reservoirs and reserves of energy. 

...In the middle of winter is the time of the solstice when the sun turns in its cycle and begins its return to warmer longer days.

Winter gives rest, peace and calm to the cycle of life. We need growth as well as this calm quiet time to balance life. Here in the quiet of the dark wintery nights full of frost we can see the perfect reflection of the moon on the still frozen lakes. In stillness we can deepen this inner light within ourselves. Winter is a time when the earth nourishes itself with the rains, snows and nutrients so vital for the new growth that will happen in spring.

Winter gives us this still, quiet, inner meditative season.”



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Debra Kaatz