"Yesterday I talked about cultivating precision, gentleness, and openness, and described how the meditation technique helps us remember the qualities that we already possess. Now, sometimes the teachings emphasize the wisdom, brilliance, or sanity that we possess, and sometimes they emphasize the obstacles, how it is that we feel stuck in a small, dark places. 

These are actually two sides of the same coin: when they are put together, inspiration (or well-being) and burden (or suffering) describe the human condition, that’s what we see when we meditate.

We see how beautiful and wonderful and amazing things are, and we see how caught up we are. It isn’t that one is the bad part and one is the good part, but that it’s a kind of interesting, smelly, rich, fertile mess of stuff. When it’s all mixed up together, it’s us: humanness. 

This is what we are here to see for ourselves. Both the brilliant and the suffering are here all the time; they interpenetrate each other, For a fully enlightened being, the difference between what is neurosis and what is wisdom is very hard to perceive, because somehow the energy underlying both of them is the same. 

The basic creative energy of life - life force - bubbles up and courses through all of existence. It can be experienced as open, free, unburdened, full of possibility, energising. Or this very same energy can be experienced as petty, narrow, stuck, caught. Even though there are many teachings, so many meditations, so many instructions, the basic point of it all is just to learn to be extremely honest and wholehearted about what exists in your mind - thoughts, emotions, bodily sensations the whole thing that adds up to what we call ‘me’ or ‘I’.”


When quoted
Pema Chödrön